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Director's Desk


For the last 18 years the team at VIKASA has been planning and developing social assistance programmes. In the past eight years Vikasa has been partnering STATE BANK OF MYSORE to provide financial support for self help groups in karnataka, especially the socially and culturally disadvantaged. The work and experience accumulated over the years have led to the crystallization of a new perspective and approach to development phennomenon.

The socio-economic programme includes mobilizing the under-privileged women into self help groups, facilitating vocational skills development programmes and linkages to financial institutions to arrange loans for self employment enterprises through STATE BANK FO MYSORE playing the catalyst role between the SHGs and women members.

We have also learnt that problems are never simple, their complexity deriving from the changing of social, economical, educational, housing, natural resource, water, health and employment needs. In order to improve the quality of a vulnerable family, the organization has to approach all the facets of its reality in a structure, integrated and professional manner, with a cross disciplinary team and with well defined and assumed standards of quality.

VIKASA is proud of its credibility and that is possible only due to its dedicated staff which gives their time, energy and commitment. This has given us greater strenght to achieve the set plan in the last year. We hope the same capacity will lead us to spread the activities through our staff to the needy population.

This little booklet highlights as overview of vikasa's financial intermediation role and records some of the sucess stories.